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Maintaining Your Pearl Jewelry: An Essential Guide by ISAAC WESTMAN®

Maintaining Your Pearl Jewelry: An Essential Guide by ISAAC WESTMAN®

Welcome to the official ISAAC WESTMAN® blog, where we share in-depth information about our exquisite pieces, insightful tips on jewelry care, and updates from the world of fine jewelry. Today, we’re diving deep into the sea of pearls – those timeless treasures of the deep, epitomizing sophistication and elegance. This post is your comprehensive guide to pearl and pearl jewelry care, ensuring these treasures last a lifetime and beyond.

Pearls, with their iridescent luster and delicate charm, require particular care. They are softer than most gemstones and can be easily damaged by chemicals, heat, and abrasion. Thus, understanding how to properly maintain your pearl jewelry is crucial in preserving their luster and longevity. We'll walk you through the basics, and then touch on how our dedicated ISAAC WESTMAN® customer service team offers specialized pearl jewelry servicing.

Understanding Your Pearls

Pearls are organic gems, formed when a mollusk secretes a substance called nacre around an irritant within its shell. This process can take anywhere from six months to several years, resulting in the formation of a pearl. As such, they are more vulnerable to damage than most other gemstones and need specialized care.

Protecting Your Pearls: Dos and Don’ts


**1. Wear Them Often**

Wearing your pearls helps maintain their moisture. Pearls are made up of about 2% water and can lose their luster if they dry out. Regularly adorning them keeps the pearls in contact with your skin's natural oils, which helps them retain their moisture and luster.

**2. Clean After Wear**

After you’ve worn your pearl jewelry, gently clean them with a soft, damp cloth to remove any body oils or residue. This simple step can significantly extend the life of your pearls.

**3. Store Separately**

Pearls are softer and more easily scratched than other gemstones. Store them separately in a soft-lined box or pouch to prevent them from coming into contact with other jewelry pieces that could scratch their surface.


**1. Avoid Chemical Exposure**

Chemicals present in cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, and even sweat can damage pearls’ luster. It's essential to put your pearls on last when getting dressed and take them off first when undressing.

**2. Keep Away from Heat**

Exposure to high temperatures can cause pearls to dehydrate, leading to cracks. It's best to store your pearls in a cool, dry place.

**3. No DIY Fixes**

If your pearl jewelry needs repair, it’s best to avoid DIY fixes. Contact a professional, like our team at ISAAC WESTMAN®.

ISAAC WESTMAN® Pearl Jewelry Servicing

Understanding that pearl jewelry requires specialized attention, ISAAC WESTMAN® offers a dedicated pearl jewelry servicing. We are committed to helping you maintain the beauty and quality of your pearl jewelry. Our servicing includes:

**1. Inspection and Cleaning:** Our pearl experts will meticulously inspect your pearl jewelry for any signs of damage and professionally clean them without compromising their luster and integrity.

**2. Restringing:** If your pearl necklace or bracelet is showing signs of wear or the string has stretched, our team can professionally restring it.

**3. Repair and Restoration:** If your pearl jewelry is damaged or has lost its sheen, our master jewelers can repair or restore it to its former glory.

We believe that each pearl piece tells a story, and it’s our honor to ensure that your story continues to shine.

Pearl jewelry is a legacy meant to be passed down through generations. By following these simple tips and utilizing ISAAC WESTMAN®'s pearl jewelry servicing, you can ensure that your pearls continue to captivate and inspire for years to come. Remember, pearls that are cared for will continue to reward you with their radiant beauty and elegance.

We welcome you to contact us at any time for all your pearl jewelry servicing needs. At ISAAC WESTMAN®, your pearl's care is our priority. Let us help you maintain the splendor that makes your pearls uniquely yours.

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